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We Guarantee Success

At Josbridge Institute, we are committed to helping you achieve success with Microsoft Certification. As a paid subscriber you will be entitled to  PL-300 / AZ - 900 study guides, Exam Prep, 2 Hours of Instructor-led support (per month) which are designed to make the certification journey easy and hassle-free. Whether you're interested in Power BI and Data Analyst Associate or Azure Fundamentals, we have everything you need to succeed. Sign-up today and start your Microsoft certification journey !
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Snehashis C

Certification Expert

Snehashis has 8 Microsoft Certifications to his credit and he will be one of your Mentor in your certification process. 

Microsoft Certification

Study Guide & Exam Prep

  • Best Value

    Microsoft PL - 300 - Exam Guide & Prep

    Every month
    +₹50 Azure Cloud and Power BI Setup Fee
    Power BI & Data Analyst Associate Course - For Self-Paced Learners
    Valid for 3 months
    • Access to Study Guide (Questions, Exam Prep)
    • Access to Azure Cloud, Power BI (Virtual Machine - Sand Box)
    • 2 Hour Consultation / Month with Certified Expert
    • Resume Building Service
  • Microsoft - AZ 900 - Exam Guide & Prep

    Every month
    +₹50 Azure Cloud Setup Fee
    Azure Fundamentals - Course Guide for Self-Paced Learners
    Valid for 3 months
    • Course Guide, Q&A and Exam Prep Documentations
    • Access to Azure Cloud Enviroment (2 hours /month)
    • 1 hour consultation with Certification Expert
    • Resume Building Service
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