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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's unique about 12-Week Applied Internship Program ?
    The 12 Weeks - Applied Internship Program is a very unique concept to converge theoritical learning with practical hands-on learning. It has been designed to help the bright and aspiring student, who are ready to embark on a Data Analytics and AI career , enhance their applied, project based learning skills, enabling them to clear job interviews with ease when posed with difficult practical scenario based question. 👉 Above all, you'll secure your Internship experience and can spotlight a pioneering "Talent Analytics" project on your resume, incorporating an extensive Microsoft Azure Technical Stack. Program Features: 🎓 Study and exam guide to Microsoft PL-300 Certification in Data Analysis using Power BI 🛠️ Hands-on Project in Talent Analytics (Applied Learning) on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Environment. 🚀 Job Readiness and Placement Assistance support, vital to your success.
  • Is there any Financial Assistance for participants ?
    To navigate the challenging job market, we offer financial assistance to international students. Our financial assistance includes: Course Discounts: We provide reductions in course fees to make education more affordable. Instalment Payments: We offer the option to pay course fees in instalments, easing the financial burden. Tuition Fee Waivers: For meritorious students with high CGPAs, we offer upto 50% waivers of tuition fees. These initiatives aim to support international students in their educational pursuits and future career opportunities.
  • What are the Course Timings ?
    To make it convenient for India & US Students, the course the 12 Week Course timings are M-F, from 9.30 pm IST - 12 am IST. Primarilty faculties and mentors from USA will conduct this program.
  • What's Risk - Free Refund Policy ?
    Any student willing to opt out within first 2 weeks after joining the Applied Internship Program, will be offered full refund.
  • What courses does Jobsbridge offer ?
    We offer courses featuring Data Analysis, AI & Machine Learning, Cloud computing and related technologies, focusing on Microsoft AI, Data & Cloud certifications. Currently, we are offering Integrated curriculum of Microsoft PL-300 course followed by an Applied Internship program. There are other ensuingh courses like Applied Pythin for Data Science and Data Science Bootcamp.
  • Is there job placement support post completion of the course?
    Certainly, we extend placement opportunities upon the successful completion of their courses. . Job assistance encompasses activities such as resume review, interview preparation, customer referral and leveraging industry mentors for guidance. For batch of 2023, 80% of our students got placed through us or they have been able to secure a job, even during this competitive job market.
  • Does Jobsbridge Institute help in Visa sponsorship?
    Jobsbridge Institute have partnered with several clients and consulting companies in USA, who provide employment and Visa sponsorship.
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